Portaging a canoe via gondola: The Outward Bound Mountain Gala

ArtStar Props and friends had the pleasure and challenge to create the experiential decor for the Outward Bound Canada Mountain Gala at Grouse Mountain.  We did our best to give the attendees a flavour of the range of programs Outward Bound Canada provides.  We created an indoor campfire, recycled helmet and ski boot planters, a kayak table, ski pole signs and branch mounted photo display.  Add to that the giant faux boulders, cedar stump (thanks Greenscape), two dozen trees (thanks Gardenworks), packs and climbing gear (thanks Arteryx), a canoe, a kayak (thanks M.E.C.), we collected a sizeable amount of

portage via gondola

props to make the decor sparkle.  The only challenge was the gala was at the lodge on Grouse Mountain.  Everything had to go up by gondola.  The best part wast taking up a 16 foot canoe in a 16 foot gondola.  Everyone had a good laugh to see it arrive with its nose sticking out the window. Thanks to the staff at Grouse, you were exceptionally accommodating, thank Jocelyn Wagner for making this event run so smoothly, thanks to Barry Kaiser, Crystal Smith, Rowan and Andrea.  You make the work fun and get it done. If you need experiential decor for your wedding, gala, party, well you know where we are.


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